Setting up

Setting up

Welcome to Zack and Millie!

We are currently wading our way through this new world of eCommerce. We are looking at our stockists this week and picking out some of our very first lines. 

We have also just created our new logo - hope you like it.

At the same time, I have also received delivery of our lovely purple (on brand) gazebo market stall - which means that we will also be 'popping up' at the lovely Skipton High Street Market! A lovely face to face, real shopping experience - out in the fresh air, making all your social distancing nice and simple and not too scary. It would be lovely to see you all in person (in our masks)! Hopefully, the plan is to travel to some other markets when we have found our feet, and worked out how to put up our stall!  

We are going to invest in a card reader so all forms of payment will be possible as well.

We are very excited :) will keep you up to date with our progress.